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Entry #10

"there is always darkness before the dawn"

2010-08-22 12:28:54 by gensu

or so the frace goes in GOLDEN SUN DARK DAWN (fuck yea) it's kind of late to tell this but that doesn't really matter.
finally after 30 years (in real life 7) there is a new golden sun game i know a lot of fans where waiting for it and getting pissed of because of all the jokes and rumors but it's finally here! it will apear in Q4 2010 (forth qaurter this year from ocktober) and will probably be epic. i'm gonna buy it when it apears in the store (in the netherlands as part of europe it will probably be in 2011) and well thats kind of it
Bye from Gensu
P.S. here a link to the plot of the game _Sun:_Dark_Dawn
P.P.S. here some game art

"there is always darkness before the dawn"


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2010-08-22 18:13:28