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or so the frace goes in GOLDEN SUN DARK DAWN (fuck yea) it's kind of late to tell this but that doesn't really matter.
finally after 30 years (in real life 7) there is a new golden sun game i know a lot of fans where waiting for it and getting pissed of because of all the jokes and rumors but it's finally here! it will apear in Q4 2010 (forth qaurter this year from ocktober) and will probably be epic. i'm gonna buy it when it apears in the store (in the netherlands as part of europe it will probably be in 2011) and well thats kind of it
Bye from Gensu
P.S. here a link to the plot of the game _Sun:_Dark_Dawn
P.P.S. here some game art

"there is always darkness before the dawn"

Booya kasha!!

2010-06-16 12:00:18 by gensu

There is info 4 the new LoZ the name is: Skywards Sword!
it's in the same tyle as The Wind Waker (Cel-Shaded) and it's pretty cool but im just not a fan of the cel-shade the other - point for me is that link doesn't look as cool as in TP.
The game design ( doesn't look like the pic i posted a litle while back) look nice even for me and there are interesting new weapons and old ones where changed a little (you can roll bomb's now and you have tu use your bow with the Wii mote and The Numchunk) one of the best thing's is that you really handel your sword as a sword (if your enemy has a shield at his right you have to strike him from left to right Etc) this gives you really the idea your using a real sword.
there are some more things so to make this post short here's a trailer Q5gk&feature=related
Bye from Gensu
P.S. it's going to be released (Very) late 2010 or early 2011
P.P.S. this is the newest art from Zelda Skyward Sword

Booya kasha!!


2010-06-06 09:37:32 by gensu

i can't F*cking wait for the E3 event it's not that i can go see it but it is the time when they (nintendo) are gonna anounce the new zelda game and it takes way to long (just 10 days). and after that i stil have to wait until it's finisht IT KILL"S ME YEEAARGGH
until then i'm just gonna have to replay other games and finish my new ones ( replay: Zelda TP. New play: Dragonball z revenge of king piccollo, naruto clash of ninja 2 and Tenchu shadow assasin's i bought alot the last 3 weeks but the new ones where cheap about 10 euro per game) ,concentrate on school (whahaahaha it sucks big gray donkey balls) and make new drawings (of zelda)
i will keep posting and dawing while my life get's eaten away slowly cuz of waiting.
Come on Nintendo hurry up ,WHO IS WITH ME!!!!!
Bye from Gensu
P.S. this is a picture i found for the new zelda it looks good already.


Heeeerreee'sss..... wel me

2010-05-25 15:42:48 by gensu

hello NG (and the 3 people that will read this) it's been a while i've been to london AND IT WAS AWESOME
i've done a lot of sh** but not realy any toeristisch stuff simply because my sis fell down from the stairs. anyway i know i "promist" a painting and evil bunny's well the painting wil come very soon and the evil bunny's will have to wait, cauze im busy with school and all (book reports, tests, ETC)
if there isn't any delay the painting wil be here tomorow (26-05-2010) so look in my art section
Bye from Gensu

no it's not a lie

2010-04-18 10:51:43 by gensu

yay somebody actualy read my post im not talking to myself anymore (on newgrounds)
for the people who read it and comented Thank You und keep reading/ comenting.
Bye From Gensu

cat save

2010-04-16 12:33:45 by gensu

yay my cat is saved he is heathy ones again
just wanted to mention it
Bye from Gensu

up-date of stuff that's been happening and going to happen

2010-04-01 13:25:24 by gensu

holy pencil sharpner in a paintball room (sorry edd's world) every body is obsest by kevin Bacon.
i can't say my name or just a reference to kevin bacon anymore i can only say kevin bacon, kevin bacon brain whast me!!!

i want to put my painting here but i can't scan it (it's big) so im going to take picture of it and put it on i only have to steal my dad's digatal camera.

also i am not a zombie and i am going to start with the evil bunny 3rd generation ( evil bunny's are a thing i came up with at elementry school the 1st had 11 bunny's and the 2nd had 25)

i am going to londen in may (yay) there wil mayby be a evil bunny tag line on the walls of london
(please don't report me to the police im not even certain). when im there im going to make a few movies cuz i haz a few idea's that im going to put on youtube ( i don't have a channel as gensu yet so don't bother looking for it (not that you are interested) i will post the chanel here when the time comes)

lasty i have a few good idea's for a couple of flashes (lol) but im going to need a drawing pad and a few good programs for drawing ....... at the moment i have WINDOWS paint (dull)
now im going to go because i smell my grilled cheesesandwitch burning and my cat (who is probebly turning deaf whitch fucking sucks because there is a kind of infection in his ear)

well this was a nice time talking to myself about stuff i know and now i know it 2
i hope i enjoyd this post and am looking forward to the next
Bye From Gensu


2010-01-18 10:29:12 by gensu

i know i said i wouldn't post for a while and im sorry im anoying you with jet another usless post but this is just somthing i wanted to mention.
what happens if you put me and 3 of my friends to gether with ice cream and a bad idea? IT IS A ICE CREAM FAIL. i couldn't post it here so it is on youtube if anyone is interested just look for "ice cream fail rudolf steiner" or just use this link: 35Zc
this is part 2: e4Y8&feature=related
i know it's retarded
Bye from Gensu

talking to myself

2010-01-05 11:49:51 by gensu

hello again how are you doing?
i just thougth that nobody has seen any of my posts (or other things) so tecnicly im talking to myself every time i don't realy mind i do that often but i think im going to stop posting for a little bit until i know its not usless i wil keep posting my art and stuff (im bussy with a painting right now but it wil take a few weeks since i can only draw a few ours a week)
Bye for now
From Gensu

New Years

2010-01-04 14:15:15 by gensu

this year i mist it ..... yes i was to late after one minite after 12 PM i look at the clock and thougth ow shiiiiii.. anyway after that we went outside and wel logicly started with the fireworks but one of our boxes fell over but it was already lit and pointed right at our garden it was kind of funny but now i have a hole in my foot.... wel still funny though
Bye from Gensu